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Verizon Digital Media Services Integrates Microsoft Azure Storage

LOS ANGELES—Verizon Digital Media Services announced that it is extending its relationship with Microsoft to make cloud-based storage from Microsoft Azure available to all Verizon Digital Media Services Edgecast Content Delivery Network users. Azure Storage will now power Verizon Store, the cloud-based origin storage offering on the Edgecast CDN, providing a convenient option for scalable object storage.

Edgecast CDN customers can take advantage of Azure Storage as part of a single platform from only one vendor. Verizon Digital Media Services maintains a simple billing model closely aligned with customers’ monetization models, charging on volume stored, and not on transactions, transfers or egress costs.

Verizon Digital Media Services and Microsoft already feature customized APIs within each other’s platforms and highly integrated network interconnections that allow the two platforms to seamlessly work together. Azure and the Edgecast CDN integrated in 2014 and a number of Microsoft web properties, including Xbox and Skype, utilize the Edgecast CDN.