Verimatrix delivers seamless mobile TV content security for pay-TV operators

Content security company Verimatrix has launched its comprehensive VCAS for Mobile TV solution, which enables operators to deliver seamless pay-TV service over mobile phones and mobile Internet devices. VCAS for Mobile is a win-win for both subscribers and operators. Customers can watch TV and video content on any device they choose, while operators gain cost-effective security and digital rights management (DRM) without specialist security hardware. The standards-based solution secures video within home media distribution, streaming or downloaded applications as well as emerging mobile broadcasting networks.

VCAS for Mobile TV is designed to take advantage of the hybrid nature of commercial mobile video platforms, where a mobile TV broadcast network can be combined with an IP data connection. This not only supports cost-effective content security, but also opens up opportunities for interactive communications platforms — for example, viewers can link to a Web site directly from the show for product information, to participate in a contest or to make a purchase.

VCAS for Mobile TV supports DRM interoperability and multiple mobile TV networks and standards, uses field-proven middleware and an established partner ecosystem, and integrates with open handset platforms.

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