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Venezuela’s ViVe TV processes signals with Miranda

ViVe TV, Venezuela’s public service TV network, has placed an order for a large volume of Miranda Densité Series signal processing cards for five new remote production trucks.

The new trucks are each designed for operation with 12 cameras and will be assembled in Madrid by Miranda’s Spanish distributor, Eurocom Broadcast. The OB trucks will be primarily used for satellite uplinking and live production of events.

ViVe TV’s five trucks can potentially handle conversion and synchronization of up to 300 video and audio channels. Each truck will be equipped with three Densité frames, with up to 20 modules per 2RU chassis.

The signal processing includes 28 FRS-1101 SDI frame synchronizers with the proc-amp option for control and adjustment of incoming satellite feeds. These cards feature a frame synchronizer, video and audio proc-amp controls, onboard audio delay, processing and embedding, as well as test signal generation.

Twenty-seven UAP-1781 universal audio processors will handle the audio for the five trucks, with each card processing up to eight discrete audio channels. The input processing includes gain, video tracking delay, additional fixed delay and phase correction. Each output channel is composed of a mix of any two input channels, allowing stereo to mono downmixes, voice-overs and custom-mix operations.

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