V4x Interactive Factory toolset turns viewing into doing

V4x Interactive Factory displayed its new toolset and platform for transforming video content into crossmedia, personal, interactive experiences for live shows on the Web and mobile devices at NAB2009.

The V4x V-Live toolset’s range of authoring tools, multiplatform delivery capability and back-office platform integration enable interactive viewer experiences that are key to new revenue opportunities. Producers can use the V4x platform to enable voting, chatting with other fans while watching a game or TV show, buying tickets or music tracks during a live concert, watching highlights and statistics, or betting on live sport events into their offerings.

V4x enables the crossmedia delivery to all connected devices, such as Adobe Flash-enabled PC and mobile devices; Apple iPhone and Blackberry smartphones; mobile broadcast TV ATSC M-H/DVB-H; and mobile video 3G services.

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