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Utah Scientific to feature new options at 2011 NAB Show

Utah Scientific will show a new line of I/O boards at the 2011 NAB Show that enable embedded signal processing (ESP) functionality in multirate UTAH-400 Series 2 routers. Also new for the UTAH-400 series is the UTAH-400/MV, an integrated multiviewer option. The UTAH-400/MV seamlessly integrates with the router control system and does not require the use of dedicated router ports for monitoring. The multiviewer provides multiple outputs that allow users to control the number of pictures to be displayed on each screen. Built-in cable extenders are included for easy installation, and outputs can be formatted in DVI, HDMI or HD-SDI. The UTAH-100 compact routing switcher family also has several new additions, including monitor switchers and 32 x 32 routers for all signal formats.

Utah Scientific will introduce new internal squeeze and graphics capabilities for its MC-4000 high-end master control switcher, the MCP-4000 control panel option for its master control processors and the new MC-412 master control processor card for UTAH-400 Series 2 routers. The MC-412 master control processor is an integrated system that handles the most demanding on-air operations in live, automated or automation-assisted operating environments. In addition to the MC-4000's internal squeeze option, a cost-effective external HD squeeze processor will be introduced for use with existing master control switchers or for stand-alone use as a key source or for downstream applications.

The GS-4000 graphics station had been upgraded by adding full-motion clip playback and enhanced data-linking facilities to enable automated presentation of newsfeeds, weather updates, school closings and other text displays.

For Utah Scientific's control systems, NAB will mark the launch of two major releases. U-Con configuration software and R-Man management software will be on display with features including sophisticated SNMP-compatible alarm monitoring and management. Also debuting is the UCP-LC family of control panels, which feature dynamic labeling and new menu-based operation designed to simplify the use of today's increasingly complex routing systems.

Utah Scientific will also highlight its new SoftPanel-3 system, which makes it possible for a user to control routing systems remotely from any Web-connected mobile device or computer.