Utah Scientific GS-4000 graphics station solves HD election puzzle for WDRB Fox 41

WDRB Fox 41, in Louisville, KY, deployed Utah Scientific’s new GS-4000 graphics station to enable continual, up-to-the-minute display of HD results for more than 80 closely watched races in the most recent elections. The GS-4000 works with Utah Scientific's MC-4000 master control switcher to support graphics, including fixed text, multiple text crawls, still and animated logos, sniping and time and temperature displays.

For the November elections, WDRB and Chris Harmon, product specialist for Utah Scientific, devised a dual-display system driven by the Avid LeaderPlus results management system that used one key and both fills to display the latest results of the biggest races every 90 seconds, while smaller race results appeared at 10-minute intervals. The dual display could be simultaneously triggered with one keystroke via master control. The GS-4000 also enables text and branding graphics to be created and saved via a simple, user-friendly composition screen with no sophisticated coding skills required.