TVU Networks Launches MLink Rack-Mount IP-Based Transmitters

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—TVU Networks announced the release of TVU MLink, a series of rack-mountable cellular uplink transmitters.

The TVU MLink product series is designed to automatically aggregate multiple cellular, microwave and satellite connections together simultaneously to ensure that field crews have the necessary bandwidth to broadcast live real-time video in challenging environments. Additionally, MLink combines a VBR encoding engine with TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux transmission technology.

The TVU MLink fixed transmitters feature a 1RU chassis that will be available in two configurations. The MLink TE4200 transmitter can transmit live video over two Ethernet connections, WiFi and up to eight cellular modem cards simultaneously. This solution also includes multiple external antennas in removable or fixed roof-mounted configurations designed to give ENG vehicles optimal resiliency. The MLink TE4100 features a single Ethernet port and VBR encoding, making it the ideal choice for fixed installations.

MLink automatically aggregates all available bandwidth without disruption of transmission, even as satellite, microwave or cellular connections are added or dropped. It offers roof-mounted external MIMO antennas, and goes live with the push of a button. No manual in-field configuration is required. Field crews can manually control a transmission using the simple front-panel mounted keypad and monitor live transmissions from the LCD panel. It can transmit live video with as low as sub-one second latency.

TVU gear has been used for the World Cup, the London Summer Olympics, the Sochi Winter Olympics, U.S. presidential elections, the 2013 Papal conclave and the recent unrest in Ukraine and Crimea.