T-VIPS of Norway enters MPEG-4 contribution market

T-VIPS, the Norwegian vendor of video contribution systems, has entered the market for MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Compression) over IP with two products, the TVG650 encoder and TVG610 decoder pair. These support MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 10-bit requirements (and lower) along with MPEG-2. They are aimed at the low bandwidth Telco and also satellite contribution markets. The significance of the move is that T-VIPS has so far focused just on JPEG2000 compression for the high end IP fibre contribution market where the requirement is for lossless or near lossless compression. T-VIPS now acknowledges that satellite contribution will continue to be used widely and also that there will be a growing role for MPEG-4 AVC over IP.

The company says it is responding to requests from its customers to provide an end-to-end solution covering both high-bandwidth fibre IP contribution (via JPEG2000) and lower bit rate options for fibre and satellite. The idea is that JPEG2000 will still be used wherever customers have access to high bandwidth links that are affordable because this codec provides high-quality video with low latency and maintains its quality through multiple encodes and decodes.