TV One reveals HDMI extender with DDC correction

TV One has released its 1T-DA-631 HDMI extender, a dynamic cable equalizer that restores the HDMI v1.3 signal at the end of long cable runs just prior to the input to the display. The 1T-DA-631 also offers DDC correction, which ensures that the HDMI signal stays true to the original form.

The 1T-DA-631 has a maximum distance of 40m from the source to the equalizer input and up to 5m from the output to the display when using Zplus grade HDMI cables. All signal components present within the encoded signal are maintained, including stereo or 7.1 audio and HDCP encryption. The circuitry enhances both plug-and-play characteristics as well as the HDCP signal component. HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p are supported.

The unit comes in a rugged metal case and is powered from an external power adapter provided with the unit. It features a locking DC power adapter for security.

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