Turning Point installs SSL C200 console in new mobile unit

Solid State Logic has installed a C200 HD Digital Production Console in the new 45ft production truck built by Turning Point, a California-based radio and television ministry.

Turning Point, a division of the ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah and the Shadow Mountain Community Church in Lakeside, purchased the 128-input, 32-fader console with two SSL Delta Link MADI HD units for the mobile unit. These provide a pathway to the existing Digidesign Pro Tools HD system and three 48-input SSL C-SB stage boxes for remote microphone control.

The Solid State Logic C200 allows Turning Point’s engineers to stay in the sweet spot of the mix and still have control of level, EQ and dynamics because they can pull up any bank of eight strips and assign them to the center bank section.

Turning Point regularly records a 30- to 40-piece orchestra supporting a 125- to 175-voice choir and needed a console that would allow recording live audio-to-video with automation. The console is the only audio processing used, leaving the Pro Tools system to capture raw direct audio.