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Triveni introduces remote appliance for DTV stream monitoring

Triveni Digital is introducing the StreamScope RM-40 to address the industry's need for a low cost, remote monitoring appliance. RM-40 units placed at various points throughout a broadcast operation validate critical transformations of DTV streams as they move through the equipment chain or from one site to another for distribution. This accelerates the isolation and repair of problems when they occur.

The StreamScope monitoring lineup has been markedly enhanced to encompass a broad range of options for enterprise-wide stream monitoring and troubleshooting.

The RM-40 system verifies DTV streams carried by service providers such as broadcasters, cable operators, telcos, IPTV and mobile TV operators. Like all other StreamScope systems, the RM-40 remotely monitors, measures and records DTV streams to ensure their integrity, reliability, and compliance with standards as well as business expectations.

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