Triveni Digital unveils RM-40SE MPEG monitoring probe

Triveni Digital has extended its StreamScope test and measurement line with the release of the RM-40SE monitoring probe designed for continual, comprehensive remote MPEG video monitoring for real-time RF streams.

The compact instrument delivers the power to verify DTV transport streams carried by broadcasters and cable, telco, satellite, mobile TV and IPTV service providers.
In addition to working with ATSC, ATSC A/78, and ETR 101 290, the RM-40SE supports, the new SCTE-142 standard describing transport stream conformance criteria.

Successful tuning and display of programs relies on adherence of the transport stream to SCTE standards, and the RM-40SE uses these guidelines to identify and categorize errors by type and severity, thus supporting efficient troubleshooting and simplifying the resolution of issues within the DTV stream.

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