Triveni Digital offers remote DVB stream monitoring

Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics, has announced the availability of a remote appliance for DVB stream monitoring, the StreamScope RM-40 system. With enhanced DVB System Information (DVB-SI) support, the StreamScope RM-40 monitoring system enables users to view both the video stream and associated metadata, thus ensuring signal integrity, reliability and standards compliance. The system verifies digital TV streams in real time and is designed for broadcasters, cable operators, telcos, IPTV and mobile TV operators.

The company said that errors in DVB-SI data could cause problems such as DTV tuners not finding a specific channel, missing teletext or programs not being listed in electronic program guides (EPGs). RM-40 units placed at various points throughout a broadcast operation validate critical alterations of these streams as they move through the network or from one site to another for distribution. This helps identify and isolate problems as they occur.

Through the use of Web browsers for remote access and system configuration, the system can be monitored from any SNMP agent in the network and alarms can be distributed via e-mail, SMS or SNMP traps.

Available inputs to the StreamScope RM-40 remote monitoring appliance include QAM, Gigabit Ethernet (optical and copper), QPSK, COFDM, ASI, SMPTE-310 and 8-VSB.

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