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Triveni Digital expands StreamScope family with new MPEG monitoring system

Offering an in-depth monitoring probe that offers affordable remote monitoring for real-time RF streams, Triveni Digital has extended its StreamScope test and measurement line with the release of the RM-40SE. The full-featured monitoring instrument can be used by broadcasters, as well as cable, telco, satellite, mobile TV, and IPTV service providers, to verify their DTV transport streams. It can be employed to help maintain the quality of video delivery from any site in the broadcast network.

In addition to working with industry standards, the new RM-40SE represents the first implementation of the SCTE-142 standard describing transport stream conformance criteria. Successful tuning and display of programs relies on adherence of the transport stream to SCTE standards, and the RM-40SE uses these guidelines to identify and categorize errors by type and severity. This enables broadcasters to efficiently troubleshoot their streams and greatly simplifies the resolution of issues within the DTV stream.

The RM-40SE can be monitored from any SNMP agent in the network, and alarms can be distributed via e-mail, SMS, or SNMP traps. Interfaces to Triveni Digital GuideBuilder metadata management systems validate that the streams are well formed from a standards perspective. The RM-40SE also includes innovations such as stream profiling and comparison and template learning, which together add further business-specific intelligence to the monitoring process. In addition, the optional Remote Troubleshooting Module (RTM) provides remote analysis capabilities, including a unique postmortem analysis functionality allowing users to analyze issues up to two weeks in the past.

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