TransAudio Group launches cost-effective ATC SCM11 studio monitors

TransAudio Group has made available the ATC SCM11 two-way passive speaker. The new monitor incorporates ATC's constrained-layer damping (CLD) technology, which reduces third-harmonic distortion between 100Hz and 3kHz, resulting in an extended, resonance-free axial frequency response, improved off-axis frequency response, and a significant increase in loudspeaker power response.

The new CLD technology is incorporated in the 5.9in mid/low-frequency driver with 1.77in integral soft dome. The driver features a precision undercut bass pole, hand-wound precision flat wire coil, and a massive optimized motor assembly. The driver is paired with a new soft dome 0.98in neodymium high-frequency unit featuring a precision-alloy ATC waveguide.

The brainchild of ATC engineer Ben Lilly, CLD technology enables extended on-axis frequency response with excellent off-axis response. Lilly's innovation was to sandwich a constrained damping layer between two lightweight driver cones, resulting in less acoustic distortion by dissipating unwanted vibration energy as frictional heat.

The frequency response of the SCM11 is 56Hz-22kHz (-6dB), with a sensitivity of 85dB (1W at 1m) and a maximum SPL of 108dB. The recommended power amplifier rating is 50W-300W. The compact cabinets are finished in flat black ash and measure less than 15in x 8.3in x 10in, weighing in at just 18.7lbs.