TrafficLand launches live traffic video in Chicago and Boston

Leveraging its patent-pending Image Engine technology and fault-tolerant data center, TrafficLand, an aggregator of live traffic video in the United States, has increased its national traffic information network by now providing commuters, businesses, government agencies and broadcast partners access to cameras in Chicago and Boston. The addition of two major markets further extends TrafficLand’s coverage of thousands of cameras in the majority of the top 50 U.S. markets.

The company was also awarded a contract in New Jersey to serve as the primary distribution point for third-party access to the state’s traffic camera video, including the heavily traveled New Jersey Turnpike. The company also executed an agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation to access their traffic cameras statewide with the option of hosting video on its Web site.

TrafficLand is the largest authorized aggregator and distributor of live traffic video in the U.S. The company works with state and local Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in more than 30 states providing traffic camera video hosting, network integration and video quality monitoring services.

TrafficLand uses its patent-pending Image Engine technology to provide a single source to live traffic video from its national network in formats that can be viewed in a wide variety of ways including mobile devices and applications, traveler information Web sites and TV broadcasts. TrafficLand services include its public Web site, designed to help drivers avoid traffic congestion with free access to thousands of cameras; and the TrafficLand Video Distribution System, a dedicated service for DOTs and public safety agencies to aid traffic management and emergency response. Additional redistribution services offered by TrafficLand provide bandwidth-efficient content for broadcast traffic reporting, media Web sites and mobile applications.