ToolsOnAir releases just:play, just:live version 1.6

ToolsOnAir has released version 1.6 of its just:play and just:live playout products.

Part of ToolsOnAir's broadcast suite of video production tools, just:play and just:live v1.6 offer new features and enhancements that take the concept of a TV station in a Mac even further.

Version 1.6 includes full support for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), as well as support for Apple's Mac Mini. With Apple's recent integration of Thunderbolt technology and the increased processing power of all Mac models, the concept of a TV station in a Mac Mini is now fully viable.

ToolsOnAir's just:play and just:live v1.6 now offer real-time aspect ratio conversion, automatically detecting different aspect ratios and converting the files to match playout format. Users can override the preset selection for each clip individually. For frame-accurate playout, the internal time used for scheduling and playing out can now be synchronized to an LTC signal.