Token Creek Outfits HD Production Truck with Grass Valley

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA—Grass Valley said it supplied Token Creek Mobile Television with new cameras and switcher technology for its Sioux HD mobile unit. The purchase includes 10 LDX Premiére advanced imaging cameras, 14 XCU eXchangeable Control Unit base stations and a Karrera Video Production Center switcher with K-Frame. The purchase builds upon Token Creek’s existing fleet of Grass Valley technology, which now includes 38 cameras and five production switchers.

Token Creek’s Sioux HD truck is a 48-foot expanding-side trailer that supports local, regional and national events for cable networks as well as broadcast facilities.

The LDX Premiére camera delivers standard multiformat 1080i and 720p acquisition and is fully compatible with the Grass Valley line of 3G transmission technologies that support all HD formats (720p, 1080i and 1080p). To support a client’s recent 3G production, Token Creek was able to take advantage of the GV-eLicense program and upgraded five of their cameras from Premiére to WorldCam on a one-week basis. This upgrade feature provides a flexible tradeoff between capital and operational expenditures. The XCU base stations give Token Creek full 3G transmission connectivity for both triax and fiber. The XCU cradles are premounted and prewired in the rack, making a secure mechanical and electrical connection. They can slide in and out whenever needed and are transferrable between all of the company’s mobile units.

The Karrera with K-Frame a 1080p-capable SD/HD/3G/4K switcher that can adapt to offer up to 192 inputs, 96 outputs and 9 M/Es with six keyers in every full M/E.