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Tiger Technology highlights InfiniBand-based SAN/NAS cluster

Tiger Technology, Qlogic and DataDirect Networks jointly demonstrated an InfiniBand-based SAN/NAS clustered solution at NAB2007.

This cluster provides the scalability and reliability required to consolidate media rich data centers around InfiniBand, either natively or as a complement to Fibre Channel infrastructures.

With transfer rates of 20Gb/s, InfiniBand delivers five times the bandwidth of Fibre Channel and more than 16 times that of GigE, with up to 90 percent reduction in internal latency.

InfiniBand can also transport both SCSI and TCP/ IP protocols. Block-level (SAN) and file server-based (NAS) topologies can therefore coexist on the same infrastructure. This unification results in cleaner installations and delivers higher performance with lower ownership cost.

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