Thomson Video Networks Offers New SingleFeed Technology

RENNES, FRANCE – Thomson Video Networks have revealed a new SingleFeed technology for its NetProcessor 9030/40 multiplexing and transport system, and RD1100 receiver/descrambler. The SingleFeed allows satellite distribution of SFN multiplexes to transmitters and regionalization of multiplexes, as well as complete coverage from DTH satellite reception.

Activated through a reconfiguration of the NetProcessor or RD1100, the SingleFeed offers a solution for regionalization of DVB-T2 multiplexes. It also enables headend operators to preserve resources and bandwidth for distributing services to both DTH satellites and terrestrial transmitters. The systems architecture allows operators to also send a multiplex only once for both the DTH receiver and the DVB-T2 transmitters.

“With our new SingleFeed solution, headend operators can simultaneously feed DTH receivers and DVB-T2 transmitters with a single multiplex,” said Stéphane Cloirec, Thomson’s director of product management. “Also, SingleFeed is enabling us to respond to the many new DVB-T2 greenfield opportunities, primarily in Africa and Asia, that require this capability.”

Thomson’s SingleFeed technology will be available in November.