Thales addresses DVB-H with complete video solution

At IBC2004, Thales Broadcast and Multimedia showed a complete video solution based on the DVB-H standard for broadcasting to mobile handheld devices, such as cell phones.

As part of the solution, the company demonstrated how the Affinity low-power UHF ATSC/DVB-T transmitter and the Ultimate UHF solid-state transmitter could be used as part of the transmission chain serving handheld devices.

It also demonstrated video and multimedia service over broadband networks with SmartVision, the company’s broadband service platform with full support for MPEG-4. Thales also addressed content delivery solutions with its video store-and-forward platform dedicated to the scheduled delivery of content over IP and broadcast networks.

Rounding out the company’s exhibit were solutions for digital program insertion with seamless splicing capability and Crystal for SD and HD logo insertion.

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