Text-to-speech alignment to play key role at SysMedia stand

At IBC2006, SysMedia will demonstrate its breakthroughs in automated speech-text alignment and how they enhance subtitling for any format on any platform, including HD, NLE and digital cinema.

SysMedia will show:

  • AutoTime, which uses on-the-fly text-to-speech alignment to reduce subtitle production time for recorded programming. AutoTime matches the timing of each caption automatically to the equivalent spoken text within the digitized video or audio file.
  • Script Align, using the same core technology as AutoTime, can use a digitized audio/video file and related script to generate a complete, timed subtitle file.
  • Auto TX, using the company’s speech follower technology, tracks the progress of one or more presenters through a prepared script, providing automatic subtitle transmission for short scripted programs.
  • New output platform support, including NLE, HD, DCI and MXF. WinCAPS now includes export support for NLEs, such as Final Cut Pro, Digital Cinema, and MXF and HD formats. The InVISION caption generator also includes full HD capability with support for file-based workflows.

See Sysmedia at IBC2006 stand 3.359, or visit: www.sysmedia.com.