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Telos Alliance Releases Infinity IP Intercom Software Update

(Image credit: Telos Alliance)

CLEVELAND—The Telos Alliance has updated its Telos Infinity IP Intercom software to the latest version, v1.6. Included in v1.6 are updates to Telos Infinity Dashboard Advanced and software for the Infinity Panels and Beltpack.

With the update, Dashboard Advance users can now save instant “Snapshots” of system configurations, edit them offline and push them to the “Live” Infinity network. Different setups for shows and events can be created and stored with the new “Scenes” feature. When used with the Zones menu, users can take Scene snapshots from Infinity subsystem, then edit and recall them without disturbing the wider Infinity system.

Another new feature is the ISO Key Mode, which enables a user to establish a private communications channel with each camera position by temporarily removing them from any Group comms while an ISO call is happening.

Users can also now take complete control over a panel or device by accessing it through the Panel or Beltpack web menu pages or through Device/Manage in Telos Infinity Dashboard Advance software.

In addition, Dashboard Advance now allows a user to load new Panel or Beltpack firmware into the UI and send a targeted update to multiple devices simultaneously. Dashboard also can report the status of any Panel or Beltpack on the network that is running an out-of-date or incompatible firmware version.

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