Telestream Introduces Lightspeed G8 Server

Telestream Lightspeed G8
(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream is rolling out its new Lightspeed G8 server, which will serve as a replacement for the company’s Lightspeed K80 server and provide a progression in media processing server technology, per the official announcement.

Lightspeed G8 is a single RU server that also features new CPU and dual-GPU architecture, which Telestream claims is up to 80% faster in many media transcode operations. It also consumes less power than the K80 server, Telestream says.

Designed to optimize Vantage Media Processing Platform workflows, the G8 server can be used for on-premise media processing. The server features accelerated transcoding software, enabling automated content assembly across production and distribution workflows.

Lightspeed G8 comes with four 10 Gbps network ports as standard, double the amount of previous Lightspeed servers. The server also has environmentally-aware features, like a design that requires less cooling. Additional features include seven available Expansion Drive Bays (10 in total), reducing the need for external storage solutions, futureproofs for UHD and HDR production and offers a RAID OS option for system redundancy.

“[W]ith Lightspeed G8, we have taken the K80 and replaced it with a high-performance server that meets all of today’s media processing needs with plenty of power to handle tomorrow’s increasing media processing demands,” said Scott Matics, senior director of Product Management at Telestream.

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