Telestream announces multichannel encoder

Telestream is now offering Pipeline Quad, a network-based video capture system that provides ingest into file-based workflows from tape or live sources for broadcasters and post-production professionals. The new four-channel Pipeline Quad model offers high encoding density and significant per-channel cost savings in a compact one-rack-unit box.

Anyone on a network can have access to the encoder, providing freedom from the expense and limitations of traditional, single-user capture-card solutions. The system also offers user-selectable SDI encoding to multiple formats.

Supporting DV, IMX and MPEG-2 formats, Pipeline Quad is ideal for broadcast, archiving and server applications. The unit also includes redundant power supplies and confidence monitoring to enable users to see what is being encoded during the ingest process.

Pipeline provides real-time, reliable tape ingest into Telestream’s FlipFactory and Episode transcoding products as well as Apple’s Final Cut Pro software. Several third-party companies, including North Plains Systems, are using Pipeline’s free SDK toolkit to enable seamless integration into their workflows.

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