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Telemetrics Innovates on Camera Control Systems

Telemetrics Inc. displayed its latest in camera robotics and control for broadcast and professional video production at IBC2008.

One new product the BT-X3/Z3-BS Elevating Wall Mount Camera System, is a heavy-duty remotely controlled camera positioning system with several features for virtual set and professional video production applications. The wall mount systems adds a movement similar to that of a crane shot with robotic control.

The company's new HD Fiber Link transmits true HD/SD SDI video from any camera to the Telemetrics triax or coax camera control cystems over long distances.

Telemetrics brought its showpiece control systems to IBC. The CPS-ST-S studio control system and CPS-LGS-S camera legislative control system are tailored to provide comprehensive control and functionality for broadcast studio and legislative chamber applications by a single operator.

Also from Telemetrics, the RCP Series remote control panels provide control of integrated PTZ cameras by a single operator, making them ideal for news remote applications from virtually any location.