Telemetrics featured new camera robotics systems at NAB2009

Telemetrics demonstrated the latest additions to the company’s line of camera control systems at the recent NAB Show. New additions to the company’s lineup of products for 2009 included the Televator EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal, as well as system enhancements to the company’s TeleGlide Camera Trolley System, HD Fiber Link, Remote Control Panels and Legislative System Software.

The Televator EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal is a remotely controlled motorized column that quickly elevates from 4ft to 12ft at maximum rate of 1.8ft/s with a maximum payload of 60lbs. The unit is ideal for unique POV shots, both outdoors and in studios, and is fully compatible with Telemetrics Camera Control Software.

Telemetrics’ TeleGlide Camera Trolley System has been enhanced with a high-speed option that allows the unit to accelerate at 9.8ft/s with a max speed of 23.3ft/s. The unit’s fast operation makes it ideal for a variety of applications including live sports such as swimming and tennis.