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Telegent introduces single-chip ISDB-Tb, analog TV receiver

Telegent Systems has introduced the TLG1180, a single-chip mobile TV receiver that supports ISDB-Tb and analog broadcast TV standards with an integrated H.264 decoder. The mobile TV receiver, which provides live-broadcast mobile TV capability, is designed for Latin American broadcasters and other emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, that are transitioning from analog to the ISDB-Tb TV standard.

The TLG1180 is useful for broadcasters who want to reach the maximum number of phone models. With its integration of an H.264 decoder, Telegent’s TLG1180 enables ISDB-Tb to be added as a feature on low-cost phones in which the mobile phone processor does not have embedded H.264 decoding capability.

Because the TLG1180’s H.264 integration enables video decoding within the single-chip system, it reduces power consumption, simplifies the design cycle and reduces the materials by more than 50 percent when compared to solutions that feature analog/DTV and the H.264 decoder as discrete components.

The TLG1180’s hybrid analog/DTV support in a single-chip design also reflects the realities of the region: The transition to DTV has begun in Brazil and will take place in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela, but analog TV will be prevalent in Latin America for some time.