Telecast's CopperHead JT Gives Shooters Freedom to Move

Telecast Fiber Systems recently demonstrated its new HD fiber optic transport system designed to give shooters more flexibility in acquisition.

The CopperHead JT is being developed as a kit that allows the optical block of the Sony HDC-F950 camera to be connected to the camera body via a lightweight fiber optic cable for up to nine miles.

The system--created by Telecast with the help of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution--builds on Sony's HDC-F950 ability to work with the optical block separated from the camera body. The CopperHead JT is made up of a compact housing that transforms the Sony camera into a true 4:4:4 camera, equipped with a fiber-optic transceiver. A reciprocal transceiver is located at the camera's "body" where video processing occurs.

"Now the cinematographer will be free to concentrate on the creative element, independent of the technical component, getting the shot while the others control the technical details," said Eugene Baker, Telecast's vice president and chief technical officer.