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Telecast to introduce Adder II networked multiplexers

Telecast Fiber Systems will unveil the Adder II line of networked multiplexers at NAB2005.

Equipped with the new Natrix high-speed digital bus, Adder II units can be cascaded in complex add-and-drop configurations, with hundreds of analog and/or digital AES audio channels on a single fiber. In bidirectional applications, the Adder II also carries intercom and data communications.

Telecast Fiber also will show the CopperHead T-444, a 5k camera link for Sony’s HDC-F950 T-Cam optical block and the camera body’s electronics. This HD digital 14-bit RGB 4:4:4 link provides all camera signals, camera sync and controls, viewfinder video, bidirectional audio, intercom and auxiliary data and closures.

For more information, visit booth SU8375 or go to

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