Tektronix Unveils New Waveform Monitors for 3G

Tektronix WFM8200 & WFM8300
Tektronix has announced the introduction of two new television waveform monitors that are designed to provide 3 Gbps signal measurement capability.

The WFM8200 and WFM8300 deliver real-time 3 Gbps eye patterns and jitter measurements on an automated basis and can provide broadcasters with information on the 3 Gbps devices being installed in their stations.

The waveform monitors can also perform cable length measurements and provide alarm information to help identify and diagnose problems with both video and audio content quality and vertical ancillary data problems.

“In order to stay ahead of competitive challenges, broadcasters and network operators need the ability to efficiently and reliably deliver superior signal and picture quality to viewers,” said Eben Jenkins, director of the Tektronix video product line. “With the introduction of the WFM8200 and WFM8300 we are delivering the advanced, high-performance tools our customers need to meet these ever-increasing quality demands, while also breaking new ground with automated 3 Gbps SDI testing.”