Tektronix rolls out new multiformat waveform monitor family

The new Tektronix WFM6100, WFM7000 and WFM7100 multiformat waveform monitors offer the performance required to help video professionals produce and deliver high quality video and audio content for mixed-format systems.

The SD-capable WFM6100 multiformat waveform monitor is intended for systems using composite analog video and SD digital video formats. The HD-capable WFM7000 and WFM7100 multiformat waveform monitors help customers manage hybrid HD/SD/composite video systems. The WFM7000 addresses basic monitoring needs, while the WFM7100 has additional capabilities.

Options include support for monitoring digital audio, both embedded and discreet AES/EBU inputs, and analog audio formats. The WFM6100 and WFM7100 also offer options for Dolby audio monitoring, SDI signal measurement and in-depth digital data analysis. All units provide an integrated high-resolution XGA display.

For more information, visit www.tektronix.com.

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