Tektronix offers palm-sized real-time spectrum analyzer

Tektronix is now offering the Y500, which provides real-time bench-top spectrum analyzer performance in a handheld, powerful, battery-operated unit for the field. It’s designed for current and next-generation mobile networks, expanding Tektronix’s portfolio of network planning and optimization solutions.

Featuring real-time DPX capability with a large display, the Y500 offers practical solutions to quickly spot and locate interference and perform coverage checks and frequency clearing for all standards, including mobile WiMAX.

Y500 has a variety of new features such as visual and audio RSSI indicators and integrated GPS measurements’ mapping with direction-finding vectors for easy location of signal emitters in the RF spectrum, mapping received signal strength and resolving spectral interference disputes.

The field-ready, rugged hardware features outstanding displayed average noise level (DANL), spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), phase noise, and easy LAN networking capability. It is designed for a wide range of frequency bands and modulation types and incorporates a unique touch-screen interface. Y500 offers both performance handheld spectrum analysis as well as innovative must-have technologies like DPX and GPS mapping at an affordable price.

Users can quickly find outdoor signals by plotting measurements directly into GPS-integrated geo-referenced maps or find in-building signals with a “tap-and-walk-and-tap” interface using maps. The integrated software solution allows on-site analysis of difficult problems. Its Windows CE-based touch screen intuitive interface is designed for field conditions, and the backlit display is viewable even in direct sunlight.

For more information, visit http://www.tek.com/Y500/.