Tektronix Adds 4K, HDR Toolset to Prism System

BEAVERTON, ORE.—With new technologies like 4K/UHD, wide color gamut and HDR now available to video content creators, Tektronix is ushering in a new set of tools for its Prism software-based platform. The new toolset helps Prism address multi-format and multi-standard challenges for camera acquisition for mobile and studio productions.

Part of the new toolset is a Tektronix-patented Stop Waveform Display that operators can use to adjust camera exposure in a consistent manner without dealing with the optical to electric transfer function of a camera; it can also create scene of subject lighting. There is also a vector display with a 3D look-up table that allows the BT.709 vector to be used to evaluate skin tones, match colors to familiar reference marks and determine the degree of color gamut compatibility for BT.709 conversion. A combination of full, quad or vertical display modes are also available.

The updated Prism platform will be available at the end of September, after Tektronix displays it to IBC 2017 attendees.