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Technomad gives flight to DragonFly at InfoComm

Technomad will introduce the first weatherproof, all-in-one, self-casing portable PA system for the commercial pro audio market at InfoComm 2011, June 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Technomad will be located in Booth 537.

The DragonFly, adapted from Technomad’s rugged military technology, is designed for mobile and outdoor pro audio events that require outstanding audio quality, lightweight portability, quick setup, ease of operation and durable construction. The self-casing, fully weatherproof design protects system components from moisture, dirt, shock and other elements in outdoor environments. The inclusion of green, rechargeable and long-lasting battery power, along with a potent audio output, supports mobile audio free of extension cords for crowds of up to 2150 people. The system uses advanced NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery technology, which is far more energy-efficient than the batteries used in many portable audio systems today.

The DragonFly offers a uniquely small form factor for a fully functioning PA unit, sized at less than 15in x 8in x 14in and weighing just 28lbs. It contains two Technomad loudspeakers (expandable to four) and a 200W amplifier, and is one of the only portable PA systems to offer an integrated four-input mixer with individual controls. Collectively, these professional audio features provide a powerful output with broad dispersion, projecting intelligible speech and high-quality musical reproduction over long distances and wide areas.

The weatherproof design of the DragonFly extends to water submergence when in case-mode, providing complete protection in unusually wet weather. The DragonFly even floats when in case-mode, with rear controls and screens remaining visible through a clear hatch. The operator can resume making adjustments using the weather-resistant controls once opened in a safer environment.

Other standard features include 16-plus user-selectable channels for UHF applications, an integrated wireless microphone, and an expansion bay to support an additional mic and a CD player. Network interfaces for streaming audio to other PA systems or receiving audio over a network via a wireless connection are included. Users can also add a Technomad Schedulon MP3 playback and recording system for instant, manual playback of user-loaded audio; or scheduled automatic playback of files. The internal NiMH battery comes with a charger for powering up in the field, and the unit operates on 120-240VAC and 12-24VDC power, making it useful as a fixed indoor or outdoor PA system as well.

The Technomad DragonFly begins shipping on July 1.