Technicolor HDR Single-Stream System Available for Testing

LOS ANGELES – As part of its commitment to enabling High Dynamic Range for all aspects of content creation and distribution, Technicolor has announced that its new HDR single-layer technology is now available for testing by key ecosystem partners. The system creates a video which benefits from improved compression efficiency over unprocessed HDR files. It is compatible with MPEG HVEC standards, as well as backwards compatible with legacy SDR displays.

Technicolor’s HDR single-layer technology enables the coding and delivery of HDR content in a single stream to accurately display the content regardless of display type. It allows broadcasters, pay TV operators and OTT services to store and deliver one video file, which plays back on both legacy SDR TVs and new HDR TVs. Additionally, it contains a HDR pre-processing step that will work with any HEVC compatible video encoder and post-processor on devices after video decoding.

The single-stream system provides a universal method to support delivery of HDR content without the need of consumer adoption of HDR-ready devices.

Technicolor has submitted the technology for standardization to the Motion Pictures Expert Group, and testing is underway with Marvell Technology Group, MStar Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics.