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TeamCast's new Power4Cast platform smoothes analog to digital transition

At IBC2008, TeamCast unveiled its new Power4Cast platform with DVB-T2 support, CMMB and ISDB-T/TB modulators, and a switchable analog/digital (PAL/DVB-T) unit. A concrete result of TeamCast’s active involvement in developing the DVB-T2 standard for digital terrestrial TV, the DVB-T2 modulator is based on the Power4Cast product platform, which supports multiple standards and functions on a single hardware core.

The DVB-T2 modulator was developed on TeamCast’s flexible software/hardware development platform and is based on TeamCast work in the DVB Project Group on the DVB-T2 standard, using BBC developed and licensed software. The BBC is currently testing DVB-T2 broadcasts for HD services on the UK's Freeview terrestrial television.

The TeamCast ModulCast range includes the CMMB- and ISDB-T/TB-compliant MMB-1000/2000 and MIS-1000/2000 modulators to support the Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian markets. This is part of TeamCast’s multistandards, multitechnologies, one-solution strategy, whereby the company’s range of DTT and mobile TV modulators now cover all continents and all main standards. Using the same standardized packaging as the rest of the ModulCast line, the new modulators are easily integrated into a wide range of transmission and test equipment to create products and systems compatible with market requirements.

TeamCast’s MOD-2210 dual model modulator can be used either as an analog TV modulator to meet the widely deployed PAL standard or as a digital TV modulator to meet DVB-T/H standards, allowing operators to continue deploying TV transmission equipment while readying themselves for the upcoming analog shutoff. A single, compact package, the MOD-2210 needs only a simple software reconfiguration and a few minutes to switch modes.

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