TeamCast adds ISDB-T/TB option for digital modulator products

TeamCast has expanded its transmission portfolio with the ISDB-T/TB standard available as an option for its high-end digital modulator product range.

The new ISDB-T/TB firmware release, which is now available on the MHX-3000 modulator platform, addresses the emerging DTV markets in South-America. This new firmware release enriches the standard portfolio supporting the MHX-3000 and comes as an addition to the recently launched 8-VSB release.

The MHX-3000 product family consists of high-end OEM digital modulators that feature the latest Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) circuits. The DAP algorithm developed by TeamCast engineers enables operators to run ISDB-T/TB digital transmitters closer to their saturation region by adapting in real-time the power amplifiers’ inherent nonlinearities as well as minimizing memory effects of the amplifier circuitry.