TASCAM unveils X-48MKII hybrid hard disc workstation

At AES, TASCAM debuted the new X-48MKII, a new and improved version of the first standalone 48-track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation, co-developed with SaneWave.

The X-48MKII continues to integrate the best of both worlds: the stability and ease-of-use of a purpose-built hard disk recorder, with the GUI, editing and mixing features of a computer-based digital audio workstation. The X-48MKII goes beyond other digital recorders with a built-in, automated 48-channel digital mixer and powerful editing functions. Adding editing, track naming and monitor mixing functions is as simple as plugging in a VGA monitor, mouse and keyboard, making the X-48MKII the ultimate multi-track solution for music, post and live recording applications.

The TASCAM X-48MKII 48-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation features include:

• 1 TB internal hard drive
• eSATA and USB interfaces
• 48-hour continuous recording @ 44.1kHz
• 20-hour continuous recording @ 96kHz
• Dual-core Intel ATOM processor
• HDTV tri-level sync
• GUI for recording, mixing, editing and metering

"We at TASCAM want our customers to think ‘quality, versatility and innovation’ when it comes to our products,” said Paul Jenkins, Senior VP for TEAC America. “We’ve been in this business a long time, and will continue proving our customer focus by providing new products such as the X-48MKII 48-track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation.”