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SysMedia unveils version 2.3 of Plasma Magenta of iTV

SysMedia has released version 2.3 of its Plasma Magenta solution for iTV production and content management.

Designed for production of 24-hour iTV services, Plasma Magenta is in use at Sky and Teletext in the UK and at RTÉ in Dublin. Plasma Magenta offers multi-platform production capabilities, including support for OpenTV, MHP, teletext, Sky’s WtvML Microbrowser and XML-based interfaces.

New features include:

  • Content reversioning, which allows textual content to be revised for publication on a specific platform without affecting commonly shared content destined for other platforms
  • Enhanced editing, spell checker, Web browsing input and audit trail

Plasma Magenta can also be used to produce program-specific enhanced TV applications with video time-code synchronization of content changes and updates. Other application genres supported include votes, quizzes and interactive advertising.

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