SyncWorld Providing Real-Time Translation for 40+ Languages

(Image credit: SyncWorld)

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y.—Cloud-based captioning and subtitling automation platform SyncWorld has announced its new LanguageSync technology that handles real-time translation of English live programming to 40+ languages for Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter and other streaming platforms.

SyncWorld’s LanguageSync engine uses Amazon Web Services like Amazon Translate, AWS Elemental MediaStore and Amazon CloudFront to burn-in captions and translate subtitles with custom fonts in different languages, including languages specific characters, for live streams.

LanguageSync is an entirely cloud-based system that can deploy subtitling to social media for things like live news and sports. Burned-in subtitles can be automatically translated using Amazon Translate, then published to AWS Elemental MediaStore as an origin server; Amazon CloudFront operates as a CDN for delivery. LanguageSync supports multiple variants of the media, each with its own playlist, says SyncWorld.

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