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Symbian announces new graphics architecture for smartphones

At last month’s Symbian Smartphone Show in London, Symbian debuted ScreenPlay, a new graphics architecture for the Symbian OS designed to enhance the visual experience on smartphones.

ScreenPlay targets mobile devices with user interfaces that integrate HD video content, lifelike games and animations. It enhances content presentation in several new ways, such as by using transparency and overlays. According to the company, it offers high performance in a scalable fashion — working purely in software on midrange devices and taking advantage of hardware acceleration when present on high-end devices. These enhancements are delivered without compromising the device's battery power efficiency.

The technology has also been enhanced by Symbian’s recently announced support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) on the Symbian OS, which provides performance on demand to maximize battery life and the multimedia user experience on mobile devices with multiprocessor chipsets.

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