Switchcraft offers audio pass-through panels

Switchcraft has developed a new patch panel series that saves customers the hassle of having to reach behind gear to access connections, and also to preserve the input/output connectors built into expensive pieces of audio equipment.

The company’s new PT series audio pass-through panels allow for front-of-rack access to all of the I/Os in an audio console, summing mixer, digital audio workstation, or any other piece of gear using three-pin XLR, TRS or DB25 connections.

The series is available in five configurations: 16 XLR female; 16 XLR male; 8 XLR female/8 XLR male; 16 TRS; and 4 XLR female/4 XLR male/4 XLR female/4 XLR male (for AES/EBU digital audio).

For more information, visit www.switchcraft.com.