SWE-DISH FA150 Fly-Away ready for Ka-band use

After extensive verification testing done by independent researchers, SWE-DISH Satellite Systems has announced its existing FA150 tri-band (Ku-, X- and C-band) fly-away is fully compliant and compatible with the Ka-band frequency.

The new quad-band fly-away system addresses needs in the commercial, government and military markets to operate in a wider frequency range. The higher frequency of the Ka-band allows for faster data transmission rates via satellite. Another major advantage of the Ka-band frequency includes smaller communication beams, allowing more users to share the available bandwidth.

The FA150 Fly-Away antenna series is designed to be a rugged, up- and downlink satellite terminal for easy transport and rapid deployment during harsh environmental conditions. It is an elliptical 1.5m Gregorian offset antenna consisting of four pieces made from light and durable carbon fiber composite material.

For more information, visit: www.swe-dish.com.