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Sundance Intros New 16-Drive Archiving System

Sundance Digital Inc. has launched a new archival storage system designed especially for broadcast video applications.

The Sundance Archive Engine is billed as being ideal for smaller stations and promises to enable broadcasters to easily retrieve video content and manage stored assets. The system operates with a Microsoft Windows 2003 and is constructed around a 16-drive Avid storage chassis. The Archive Engine features 500 GB SATA drives and Sundance’s Archive Manager application software.

“The Sundance Archive Engine provides budget-conscious customers an alternative to pricey archive solutions,” said Rick Stora, Sundance Digital product manager. “The engine lets users keep more video close at hand under automation management, reduces the possibility of accidentally deleting important material in order to free space on the server, and allows material to be easily retrieved for increased workflow efficiency.”

The system is sized and designed to allow users to accommodate expanding storage concerns without having to add on-line drives. Operating software supervises media present on the station’s on-air video server and near-line storage system and decides which clips should be retrieved from or sent to the Archive Engine.