Sundance Digital delivers BXF Gateway to WJCT

WJCT, the PBS station located in Jacksonville, FL, has become the first station to deploy the new Sundance Digital BXF Gateway system.

The BXF Gateway system lets broadcasters streamline workflows and increase system reliability and productivity by using the SMTPE BXF communication protocol. Facilities that deploy the standard can improve business processes and cut down on operational costs.

The BXF Gateway provides a secure point of exchange between systems inside and outside the master control networks. The BXF standard offers support for file and message-based data exchange, increases integration of related systems and extends the metadata set for data exchange, via standardized messaging between a station’s business and transmission systems.

The BXF Gateway works in conjunction with Sundance Digital’s Titan, FastBreak NXT automation and FastBreak NXT entry level edition automation suites and is available now.

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