Studio Technologies introduces 07X-series

Studio Technologies has announced that a new version of its Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System is now available for 4K applications. Especially suited for live sports and event productions, the 07X-series is designed to deliver the power and flexibility of the standard Live-Link systems along with the unique resources required by broadcasters seeking a 4K solution.

The camera end unit features four 3G-SDI-compatible inputs to accommodate data-intensive 4K digital video streams and an additional 3G/HD/SD-SDI input for an alternate digital video stream. The camera end unit also includes a 3G/HD/SD-SDI return from the control room unit for confidence monitoring. All signals are transports using just two strands of single-mode fiber, one each for singals in each direction.

The Live-Link 07X-series is designed to make 4K camera location deployment quick and easy. It is a complete solution for transporting 4K and monitor video, on-air audio, intercom and IFB communications, and data between the camera position in the field and a production vehicle in a studio.

Operating over two strands of single-mode fiber-optic cable makes interconnecting the units simple. The camera side offers four analog mic/line sends (camera to control room) with selectable gain and 48V phantom power, along with two analog audio retursn (control room to camera). Live-Link 07X also incorporates a two-channel IFB output (camera side) and two four-wire introfaces (on the control room unit) that transitions to a two-channel party-line intercom circuit on the camera end.