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Stewart Audio announces new RS-232 IR interface adapter

Stewart Audio, manufacturer of American-made power amplifiers and audio equipment, is introducing the RVC-RS232, an RS-232 infrared interface adapter. This easy-to-use accessory interfaces with any power amplifier equipped with a remote volume control (RVC) Euro block connector to remotely manage volume.

The Stewart Audio RVC-RS232 interface enables any amplifier with a 5V-12V RVC connector, such as Stewart’s own CVA25, CVA50, CVA100-2 and CVA50MX models, to be remotely controlled using standard RS-232 commands. The commands available are increase, decrease or mute volume and include the ability to send discrete values. By adding the optionally available IR plug-in option, the system adds the convenience of infrared remote (IR) control. System integrators can use the device to communicate with the power amplifier to add level change functionality to Crestron or AMX control panels.

The new interface requires no external power supply. Power is provided by the amplifier’s RVC connector. Equally notable, this small affordable package enables the RVC-RS232 to reside adjacent to the amplifier or be placed some distance away, providing convenience for installer and end user alike.