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Stagetec introduces Dolby E decoder board for NEXUS routers

At this year’s 125th AES Convention in San Francisco, the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, makers of the NEXUS audio routing system, introduced the new XDED (Nexus Dolby E Decoder), a slide-in board that splits a Dolby E-encoded stream into eight separate channels. This add-on makes each channel of the stream available for subsequent individual processing from anywhere on the entire NEXUS network and any AURUS consoles connected to it.

Dolby E-encoded signals are typically received from AES/EBU lines; however, the NEXUS router offers further options with the absolute minimum of technical expenditure. For example, because the NEXUS is certified for transparent forwarding of Dolby E signals, an AES/EBU line carrying a Dolby E-encoded signal can be connected to a remote base station and then transmitted over the NEXUS network to the OB truck. From there, it is decoded using the new XDED board. Another interesting application is the use of Dolby E in conjunction with SDI. Dolby E signals are often embedded into an SDI stream; the Nexus de-embeds the signal using an optionally HD-enabled NEXUS SDI board and subsequently decodes the Dolby E data stream.

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