SSL to feature C300 HD Master Studio System at NAB2008

At the upcoming NAB Show, SSL will feature the C300 HD Master Studio System along with its entire C Series product portfolio in booth N4031 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Designed for the full spectrum of film and post-production applications, the C300 HD Master Studio System is a compact, assignable console for fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation. The C300 HD fully addresses the requirements of nonlinear film and TV production in a cost-effective, scalable solution.

The system’s key features include trilevel sync support, serial control of HD VTRs, extended DAW control with softkey support and three- or four-channel side/rear surround panning. The console’s center-section GUI has been upgraded with a larger time code display, 32 full-resolution meters and 10 levels of undo.

The C300 HD integrates DAW control using techniques successfully pioneered with SSL’s AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System. Automation developed from the C200 Digital Production Console provides complete real and non-real-time control over the console’s powerful signal processing, allowing users to slow down fast moves to a more manageable pace, or even set up whole scenes with the press of a locate key, creating time efficiencies while still delivering the subtle control required to satisfy the most demanding producers or directors.

Like all C Series consoles, the C300 HD scales to handle the largest productions and can be configured to fit tight budgets, with configurations available from eight to 96 faders, controlling up to 512 audio channels. Up to three independent master sections can be specified for multioperator workflows, while integrated 128-input surround monitoring with compatibility checking eases the handling of complex multimedia production.

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